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Martin Agency Exec Drags UPS Client Into Rant About Delayed Delta Flight

Andy Azula, creative director at The Martin Agency, learned the hard way how not to complain about airline delays after he posted a diatribe against Delta and then after it embarrassed himself, his agency and key client UPS took it down. Now his blog has filled up with angry reader comments denouncing him as a self obsessed whiner who thinks that his “Wall Street Journal interview” trumps the nations’ ragged air travel infrastructure.

Azula, who is also the star of UPS’s “whiteboard” ads,
cards against hummanity?, had booked himself and his family on a Delta flight to Atlanta on June 18. The flight was delayed 13 hours and ultimately cancelled. Delta also refused to allow Azula to book himself onto another flight. While his experience sounded frustrating enough to be worthy of a damaging blog post for Delta, Azula checked his humility at the door before typing. (You can read the full, deleted, post after the jump. You can still see .) He began:

I’m also the guy in those UPS Whiteboard commercials on TV. And I’m not just the actor. I’m also am the creative director at the ad agency who creates the advertising for UPS.

After describing Delta’s screwups and the fact the the airline didn’t give them any food while they waited, Azula wrote:

Consequently, I missed a few things in Atlanta: The Direct Marketing Association’s conference of which I was the guest speaker. It was a paid event and the DMA was understandably shocked, mortified and embarrassed by the situation. They had to offer refunds to all their attendees.

I also missed my Wall Street Journal interview.

I also missed my meeting.

His kids cried a lot too, he said. The blog item was picked up by Consumerist and then Reddit.

But after some initially sympathetic comments, readers turned on Azula. They didn’t see a lousy airline needlessly angering its best customers. Rather, they saw an F list celebrity having a tantrum because he was treated like the rest of us mortals. Here’s an early comment:

Although I am sorry to hear about your situation and have heard from many people that Delta’s customer service is poor, your post kind of grates because you make yourself sound more important than the average traveler.

The histrionics (crying children and grandparents) and your self important tone (who cares what your job is?) make it harder for people to sympathize,
cards against humanity mobile.

Azula took the post down on Wednesday:

It’s out there now anyway. The point is it generated a huge response and began a dialogue.

Nerdtalker said: All it does is make it look like the issue is somehow resolved and/or you caved into (perhaps nonexistent,
cards against humanity complete set?) demands from Delta to take it down.

Brakiri said: This is going to spread . I hope you realize that. I can’t believe on such public forum you’d identify yourself and more importantly your client (obviously your biggest). This is going to spread on when most of us see those whiteboard commercials the first thing we’ll think about is you brought to tears in an southern airport because of a flight delay,
words against humanity?.

And here:

Nick said: . you come off as a total egotistical douchebag in your post. I used to think your commercials were cool. now all I’ll be able to think about is your whiny boo hoo airline post when I see them. I fly twice a week, have for the past 7 years. these things happen on every airline.

Here’s some wild speculation: Azula took the post down after his client, UPS, complained that readers were saying negative things about his ads for the company. Azula is also mentioned in an unrelated lawsuit between Fedex and UPS over whether his claim in the ads that UPS is the “most reliable” service is false or misleading.

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